Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Fair for an Arachnophobic

    No fair for an Arachnophobic, especially for the likes of me, and I TOTAAALLLLYYY can relate to the girlfriend freaking out. But come on! Spiderman is Spiderman, but this is too much! A small insy winsy spider... mauling, hauling, and beating up the dude! 
    But with that having said, kudos to Mentos for cooking up a quirky and funny flair to this ad. 
    Sorry spider... no praise for you. I never did like you. I never will like you. Period.

Friday, January 20, 2012

XO Blender Commercial: Comical Cubicle Relief

     I have a knack for really funny TV Ads and the latest from Jack  'N Jill's XO Candy, featuring an office worker attempting to be elusive and discrete in his Choco-Shake Desire. A sure winner in tickling the funny bones and it caught me off guard. Only proves that humor beats it all in making the best impact. Gotta love this!

Monday, January 16, 2012

LSS: "Hey, Daydreamer" - Somedaydream

Amusing and quirky, this surprising twist with Selecta's new Cornetto Disc Commercial has gotten romantics and teeny-boppers singing along with its tune, courtesy of Somedaydream ( With the song "Hey, Daydreamer", the ad seemingly attempts to portray two shy singles figuring out how to express their liking for each other. I have to admit, I got lost for a bit  when I first saw the commercial and couldn't quite nail the point of how peeling the ice cream wrappings have anything to do the budding relationship. But getting the message or not, it's one of those ads that remains firm in your subconscious and leaves you singing it out unknowingly. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012: Hooray for Today!

I'll start off with my favorite commercial for this 2012: Hooray for Today! Mc Donald's New Campaign for their array for their Breakfast Meal.

Personally, I adore the approach they've made on their latest campaign and it sparks as something "relevant" and suggests a "necessary whimsical treatment" to our fast-past modern life. Better yet, start your day not only with treats from one of the world's highest-earning fast food chain, but also break the boring breakfast with a smile and a colorful perspective to an expected busy and stressful day.

I'm starting to have an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with this tune but hey! It wouldn't be that bad since it brings out a cheerful mood in me.